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Posted on, the simple way for you to get a free meal from Panda Express. Panda Express Restaurant invites all their customers to give contribution for them. The contribution with join in Panda express survey. This restaurant wants to receive feedback from all their customers. It is caused they need the result to improve their quality. If you never join in Panda express/feedback, maybe it is time for you.

Do not afraid, because Panda Express appreciates your contribution. For all the participants that join in Panda express/feedback will get a free meal from them. It is really good for you if you are a loyal customer at Panda Express restaurant. Panda Express wants to listen to customer’s opinion about their restaurant. As we know that, there are many restaurants. It means Panda Express must compete with their competitors. The best solution is panda  You need more information about this one.

About Panda Express Restaurant

If you hear about “Panda”, what is in your mind?  Maybe you will think about a country that we call China. In a fact, Panda Express is a restaurant that sells Chinese food. If you like with Chinese food, maybe this restaurant is familiar to you. Panda Express founders are Andrew and Peggy Cherng. They are a couple that opened this restaurant together in 1983. Andrew and Peggy Cherng always give new innovation for their restaurant. All the procedure use modern tools.

This couple understands that it is not easy to sell Chinese food in United State. They must compete with western food restaurant. Andrew and Peggy Cherng keep struggle until Panda Express restaurant is a successful restaurant until now. Panda Express restaurant has many loyal customers. Now, you can find Panda Express restaurant in many countries. The countries such as United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Mexico, Japan, Canada, and Guatemala. Panda Express has more than 20,000 employees. If you are a loyal customer of this restaurant, you can give a big contribution to join in Panda express feedback program. feedback -

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Terms For Join In

There are some terms to join  in this survey. If you really want to join in this survey, you must know about this terms. These terms for join in this survey:

  1. Have Legal Resident In United State

The first term, if you want to join in this survey, you must a legal resident in United State. If you are just a visitors in United State, you can not join in this survey. So, if you are just a tourist and stay for a few days, you just can enjoy food at Panda Express restaurant without complaint and give suggestion on their survey.

  1. At Least 18 Years Old

There is no children that give complaints and suggestion in this survey. The reason is caused Panda Express restaurant do not give a chance for children. You should at least 18 years old when you join in this survey. So, if you can not join in this survey, you can ask your parents to join in this survey. They will help you with pleasure.

  1. Have A Receipt

When you buy some food in Panda Express restaurant, do not throw away the receipt. Many people just throw away the receipt caused they do not know about this survey. On this receipt, there is a Pandaexpress free entree code to login in their homepage.

  1. Understand English Or Spanish

You can choose two language when to join in this survey. The languages are English and Spanish language. Actually, it is a easy term. There are many persons that can read English text. All the question will showed wit English. It is an obstacle for you if your English is bad enough. Keep calm, you can ask your friends to help you.

  1. Have Laptop And Internet Connection

It is a easy way caused you can do the survey everywhere. You can do this survey in your house but the term, you must have a laptop and internet connection. Although, This survey just needs several minutes, you need a good internet connections.

Step By Step To Join In Panda Express Survey

Follow these steps to join in this survey. If you want to get a free meal, do the steps one by one and carefully. Here the steps that you must do :

  1. Enjoy Chinese Food In Panda Express

Have you ever enjoy food in this Chinese restaurant? The first step, you must visit Panda Express restaurant. Buy some delicious food in this restaurant. There are Shanghai Angus Steak, Honey Walnut Shrimp with Chow Mein and other delicious food. You can find Many Panda express menu in there.

  1. Keep The Receipt

The employee in Panda Express Restaurant will give you a receipt after you buy some food in here. Keep the receipt because you will need it. And then bring the receipt to your home. Make sure that you have the code one the receipt.

  1. Visit The Homepage

Now, open your laptop and then type in Google You will find some direction in this page. There is a email address on the page. You will see some form and many columns in this page. Sure, you must fill the blank columns. The big one is for your feedback.

  1. Write Your Feedback

Give your comment in the feedback column. Write your comment clearly for Panda Express restaurant. Max character in this column just 400 words. You free to write about everything that relate to Panda Express. This aspects such as the taste of the food, price, place, security and others.

  1. Give Some Information

The last you must give some information. The information can you see on the receipt. It is like a code that you must know. The information such as purchase date, purchase time, store location and order number. Do not forget to give your personal identities. Panda Express restaurant needs your name, your address, email and your phone number. You can send this feedback.

Finally, you have finished your survey. In addition, you just need to wait for a reward code from Panda Express restaurant. You can use this code to enjoy your free meal in Panda Express restaurant.

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