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Talktosonic is a customer survey satisfaction. Customer able to talk to Sonic with different ways. If the others companies have customer services for receive critics and complaints from customers, Sonic restaurant has a different way. The Sonic restaurant gives chance for the customers to follow one survey. The result of the survey has many functions.  Sonic uses the result to improve their service and their products. It makes them can survive and able to compete with others competitors. This way makes Sonic restaurant able to keep their quality. Of course, it is an evidence that they are very welcome to critics and receive feedback from society. This survey gives benefit for the customers, they can get a free beverage or ice tea. You must know more detail about this fact.

Information About Sonic

Have you ever hear about Sonic? If you like with western food such as hotdog, burger, beverage, and popcorn you must know this name. Sonic’s founder is Troy Smith. He creates Sonic in Oklahoma since 1953. Sonic is a fast food restaurant that sells many western menus. There are many variants that you can buy at Sonic restaurant. All the variants have a good quality because they make it with a good procedure.

Around the world, there are more than 3500 Sonic restaurants. Sonic comes to other countries. There are many countries that have Sonic restaurant. It makes customers can be easy to find their favorite food in this restaurant. Actually, Sonic able to survive in any condition of the world. Even there are many competitors that sell fast food but Sonic still exist until now. It is an evidence that Sonic has a good management and good promotion. A sonic survey is their program to able improve their quality and understand their achievement.

Rewards From The Survey

Do not think that customers who give a survey do not take a benefit from it. All customers that give satisfaction survey will get rewards from Sonic. The rewards are free beverage from the restaurant. Actually, they have two options. They can choose free beverage or free ice tea. You can imagine that you able to get low price caused this rewards. You just pay your food without pay the beverage. Many people do not know about this one. So, you must know how to join in the survey and then you can get your reward.

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Steps To Join In The Survey

Nowadays, it is difficult to get something free. But you able to get a free beverage at Sonic restaurant. If you want to join in the talk to the sonic survey. You must do some steps. There are some steps below. You can follow the steps one by one. These the steps that you must do :

  1. Buy Food Or Beverage At Sonic Restaurant

If you never buy some food in Sonic restaurant, it means you can join in the survey. It is logic, caused how do you know about their food and services if you never come to Sonic restaurant. The first step, you must go to Sonic restaurant and buy some food or beverage. You can keep attention for all the services that you get. Do not forget to give them score in your brain. Next time, you will need it to give some answer in the survey. You can enjoy the food with your friend and your family.

  1. Take The Receipt

After you buy some food or beverage in Sonic restaurant, take the receipt. The employee will give you a receipt. You can keep the receipt. On the receipt, there is a code that you need. Write down the code or you can save in your bag. If the receipt is lost, you can get the code and do the next steps.

  1. Visit

Now you can use your receipt. First, you must visit Just type in Google talktosonic, and after that, you will find Sonic’s homepage. You can read simple sentence “Welcome To The Sonic-In Guest Satisfaction Survey”. If you read the sentence, it means you are on the right page. Then you can see on the bottom, there is a column. A column is a place to your code. You can login use the code. After you type the code in the column, you can click start. Just wait until the server responds your code.

  1. Fill The Answer

The point of sonic drive in a survey is you will answer some question for them. The question is about your satisfaction. Just tell the truth and be honest. If you feel disappointed with their service, you can tell on this page. Do not afraid, because it is not school examination. So, just relax and fill the answer. There is no score in here for you. Whatever your answer, you will get the rewards

  1. Save The  New Code

You will get validation code. After you answer all the questions, you will get a new code. Do not forget to save the new code. You will need the code to take the reward in Sonic. After this, you ready to get your reward.

Steps To Get The Reward

It is time to get your reward after the survey. Follow these steps :

  1. Go To The Sonic Restaurant

You must go to the Sonic restaurant. Visit Sonic restaurant that near with your house. After that, you tell them that you want to get your reward.

  1. Give The New Code

Show your new code to the employee. After that, they will process your demand. Just wait until the process is over. The employee will tell that you able to choose your favorite beverage.

  1. Get Your Free Beverage

Finally, you can get your free beverage. Take your free beverage. One survey just for one beverage. Remember, that you can do this way for the next time. It means you can get free beverage again in other chance.

For the detail information, you can contact Sonic’s customer service in You can visit free route 44 or route44 sonic to get much information about the survey and the rewards.

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