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Talktowendys is a survey from Wendy’s restaurant. The survey has a function to improve their service and their product. Wendy’s restaurant gives chance for their customers to join in this survey. Customer who joins this survey will get a chance to get $500. It means they will get a big reward after they finish the survey in home page. There are many people do not know about this information. Actually, it is a program from Wendy’s restaurant to increase their income. Wendy’s restaurant wants to give big appreciation to all customers who buy food in Wendy’s. There are many interesting promo and discount in Wendy’s restaurant, one of them is Wendy’s coupon $2 off the salad. Although there are many interesting programs from Wendy’s, the best one is you can get $500 from this restaurant. You must know detail information about this fact.

Information About Wendy’s Restaurant

Before you join in wendy survey, it is better if you know about Wendy’s restaurant more detail.  Wendy’s is a name from a company. This company focus on the culinary business. Wendy’s open more than 6000 branches in the world. This restaurant sells many kinds of fast food. Their products are salad, hamburger, fried chicken, sandwich and some of kinds beverage. The famous products are premium sandwiches and large sandwiches at Wendy’s.

As a fast food restaurant, Wendy’s has many experiences. It caused, Wendy’s has started their business in 1969 from the united state. Until now, Wendy’s still surviving with their business. Even there are many competitors that sell fast food, but Wendy’s has a different way to survive. One of the ways is program In this program, Wendy’s want to know about their work according to opinions from customers. -

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The Topic In Survey

There are many topics that will you find in talktowendys default. It is an important thing that you must know. This information is needed before you join in These the topic that you must understand about Wendy’s restaurant :

  1. The Food Quality

The first topic that you will find when access code is food quality. If you ever enjoy the food in Wendy’s restaurant, you must able to answer this question. Think about the food quality in Wendy’s restaurant. You can give comment about the taste. There are many kinds of food that can you give some suggestion. It makes Wendy’s can improve their food.

  1. Quantity And Price

There is a topic about quantity and price. When you enjoy some food in Wendy’s, keep attention with their quantity. Is it enough for you? Or maybe you think that it is so little. You can compare the quantity with the price. If you think the price is expensive enough, you can tell in their survey.

  1. Staff Services And Manner

There are many staffs in Wendy’s restaurant. Tell about their services. If you think that they are good enough, you can give a good comment. In another side, if they do not give a good service, you can give them a negative comment. Do not afraid to tell your opinion. It caused they will please to read it.

  1. The Cleanliness

Give comments about their cleanliness. As a fast food restaurant, Wendy’s must keep clean their restaurants. The cleanliness is so important for a restaurant. It is an important indicator when you choose a restaurant. You do not take a risk caused eat in dirty place. How terrible it is.

  1. The Security

When you enjoy your food in a restaurant, you expect that your car or your bag is safe. It is a bad experience if you must lose your wallet in a restaurant. You can give comment about security in Wendy’s restaurant. Give them an objective score.

The Term And Condition In

There are some terms that Wendy’s give for all participant. This is a rule if you want to join in this survey. These the terms :

  1. Address The Participant

Address from the participant is really important. Wendy’s has a requisite. The participant must have addressed in one of some regions and the regions in United State. For information about the detail regions, you can ask on wendy’s email.

  1. Age

All the participants should be 18 years old now. Children are not able to follow this survey. It is just for adult. So, if you are still young than 18 years it is not recommended for you. This is a special term.

  1. Wendy’s Receipt

The participant must have a receipt from Wendy’s. Without the receipt, you can not join into the survey. So, you must enjoy food in Wendy’s first. After that, you can save the receipt to log in on their homepage.

Steps To Join In talktowendy’

There are some steps to join in the survey. You must follow these steps to join :

  1. Open English

Open www.talktowendys in Google, use English format for the language device. After that, you will in a page. There is a place to input your code. Look your code on the receipt, after that input it to the column. After you input the code, wait until the response of the page your demand. It just needs a minute.

  1. Answer The Questioner

After that, you will see some question. Answer all the questions. You can answer the question with honest and quick. There are many questions in this survey. Relax, this is just survey, all the answer will be right. The topic of the question has we discuss above. Just focus on the answer. In the end, you will get a validation code. Safe the validation code.

  1. Give Personal Information

In the end, you must give your personal information. It is about your identification. It is important such as your name, phone number and others impormation. If you want $500, Wendy’s will easy to call you. It is better, if you have wendy’s store number list. So you can ask about the survey to them.

Finally, you just wait for a confirmation from their staff. If you need more information, you can call wendy’s restaurant number. If you are lucky, you will get $500 immediately.

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