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Posted on is a customer satisfaction survey from Taco Bell restaurant. This program has a special function to improve their quality. Taco Bell receives some suggestion and comment from their customers. Tellthebell is a good innovation for Taco Bell restaurant. It makes Taco Bell be better day by day. Taco Bell gives a cash reward for their lucky participant in Tell the bell. You can get cash reward until $500. Fortunately, Taco Bell does not choose 1 winner. They give the reward for 4 participants. Each participant will get $500. In addition, tellthe bell program has 13 entry period and the last period in 2018. Many people participate in this survey. If you interested to join in survey, you must know about any information about this survey. Remember that, it is just like a competition. So, you must give your best in this survey.

Information About Taco Bell Restaurant

Taco Bell restaurant is a fast food restaurant that sells taco as their menu. Taco is a traditional food that has delicious taste. Actually, taco comes from Mexico, Mexican always eat a taco, for them is a delicious food ever. From this fact, Glen Bell Way had an idea to open a restaurant that focuses on sells taco. Start from 1962, Glen Bell Way start his business. The respond from the society is good enough. Glen Bell Way decides to gives brand “Taco Bell” for his restaurant.

Taco Bell has many branches in the world. Now, you can find this fast food in many countries. You can buy a taco from Taco Bell in Australia, South Korea, India, Singapore, United State and many other countries. Although Taco Bell has good experiences and branches, some of the branches are bankrupt. For example Taco Bell in some countries such as Indonesia.  It caused the citizen do not like with taco taste.

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 Qualification To Be Participant In  tellthebell win 500

To give a participation in tellthe, you must have some qualifications. Taco Bell gives some qualifications to get an objective result from their survey. So, Taco Bell do not want that the survey just have a useless result. Before you join in this survey, make sure that you able to understand the qualification. These the qualification to join in Tell the :

  1. At Least 18 Years Old

Taco Bell limit the age of participant. You are at least 18 years old. This restaurant dose not give a chance for children to give participant in their survey. So, if you are still young and under 18 years, Taco Bell will disqualification you immediately.

  1. Have Legal Resident

Tell the bell complaint just for the customers who have legal resident in United State. It means, if you are a tourist or visitor, you can join in this survey. Taco Bell just gives a chance for them who have addressed in United State. You can ask their customer services about this rule.

  1. Able To Read English Or Spanish Text

Taco Bell gives question in English and Spanish format. So, it is important to the customers understand English or Spanish language. There is only two options language. You must able to read English text when you open the homepage. If your English is bad enough, you can ask your friend to help you to finish the survey.

  1. Know The Entry Period

There are 13 entry periods. Each the period has different date and time. So, make sure that you know about the period. You just can follow one period. It means you can not follow the survey twice. For information the period, you can ask to their customer service.

  1. Pay The Charge Of Taxes

If you are lucky, you will get $500. But remember that you must pay the taxes. The winners must pay the taxes with their prize. Taco Bell will give you some direction about this. So, relax and just follow the directions.

5 Ways To Join In tellthebell com customer survey

Now, it is time for you to know about the ways. There are many ways to get $500 from customer satisfaction survey. Below, you can see some way to join in this survey. Do this ways correctly and carefully :

  1. Buy Some Taco In Taco Bell

You can not able to give some opinion about Taco Bell if you never buy some taco in this restaurant. So, first, you must buy some taco in this restaurant. After that, keep in your main about the taste. After that you can think about the price, facilities, security, cleanliness and other aspects. It is useful to answer the question in the survey.

  1. Take The Code

When you buy taco in Taco Bell, you will get a receipt. Do not forget to take the code.On the receipt, there are 16 digits number. The numbers are a code for login in 500 survey. For suggestion, you can write down the code and save in your bag..

  1. Login In Feedback Survey

Open, then you will arrive in Taco Bell homepage. Make sure that your internet connection is right. After that, you will see some columns in this pages. Enter your code to the column. Then you can start to answer some questions.

  1. Read And Answer The Questions

There are many questions in this survey. Just relax, caused it is just survey not an examination. Be honest when you answer the question. If you unsatisfied with Taco Bell, you can give your best answer. Remember that you must objective when you fill the answer. It is like a multiple choices. Click in front the correct answer.

  1. Fill About  Your Personal Information

In the end the survey, you must fill your personal information. Your personal information is really important. You need to type your names and your phone numbers. It is a basic data for Taco Bell. When you get $500, Taco Bell will calls your number. Give your real number. Do not forget, to recheck your personal information that you give to Taco Bell.

As a good customer, you must give a good contribution to Taco Bell. Your answer is really important for Taco Bell. Taco Bell is really appreciated all the contribution.

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